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Creek County RWD#2 Wins Governors Excellence Award


CCRWD#2 was awarded the prestigious "Water for 2060 Excellence Award" at the recent 40th Annual Oklahoma Governors Water Conference and Research Symposium. On hand to accept the award were Board Members Harvey Morris, President; Charles Volturo, Treasurer; and Patricia Scott, Member; employees Cindy Hubbell, District Manager and Matt Foremen, Field Operations Manager.   Creek #2 received the award in recognition of its achievements in water conservation and efficiency, and helping Oklahoma meet its Water for 2060 goal of ensuring reliable supplies of fresh water for future economic growth and prosperity.  Creek #2  enlisted the help of the Oklahoma Department of Enviromental Quality for a water loss audit and followed up by contacting the Oklahoma Rural Water Association's Leak Detection Team. 25 water leaks were identified and the water loss has been significantly  reduced from an average of 20% loss to less than 5% loss.  This goal was achieved through the hard work of district employees committed to reducing the wasteful loss of our natural resources. Our Board of Directors are to be commended for their continuing support of our employees in these endeavors.