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Water Office Ristricted Access

In an effort to help combat the Corona Virus, the Creek County Rural Water District #2 office is closed to the public.  At this time we encourage members to signup for free bankdraft by calling 918 299-4448 and request a Bankdraft form be mailed to you, or go online to our website, www.ccrwd#2,  download a Bankdraft form, scan it and a voided check and send to Tammy.w@tulsacoxmail.com. Call Tammy, to confirm she received it.  Communication is important in this situation. Your bank account will be drafted on the 16th of every month. This is a free service offered for your convenience.  

A second option is available for members who are not sure if funds will be available on the 16th of every month to cover a Bankdraft.  You can call Payment Service Network at 1 877-885-7968 and for a $1.00 fee your bill will be debited from your checking account. Be sure to have account number and checking account information handy.

There is still a payment drop on the east side of the office building.